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The Small Business Professor – Scripps Howard News Service

Some entrepreneurs have a unique product or service, some have marketed to a group they would not have otherwise targeted and others have applied a previously unsuccessful idea differently. Some were let go from a previous job becoming entrepreneurs by necessity while others always had the passion to go it alone.

Entrepreneurs with interesting business success stories and lessons learned (as bulleted items) should submit their ideas to [E-MAIL].

Scripps Howard News Service serves about 400 newspaper clients throughout the United States and Canada. Total circulation of client newspapers runs around 20 million readers. E.W. Scripps, the parent company, owns 21 newspapers, 10 broadcast channels and five cable channels. For more information on Scripps Howard News Service or to access columns, visit [EXTERNAL].

Small Business Professor articles:

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Senior Care Provides Opportunity

Making Rapid Growth Decisions

Using Marketing Devices to “Beef Up” Your Business Image

Imitation, the Sincerest Form of Profit

Flexibility and Reinvention: Keys to Long Term Success

Personal Interest Sparks Inspiration for New Business

Family and Chocolate: Sweet Success

Cultivating Strategic Alliances Gives Stress-Free Birth to Successful Business

Retirement: The Best Time to Start for One Entrepreneur

Angels of a Different Feather

Teaching Others Pays Off

El Senor Sol – Recipe for Success

If You Build It, They Will Come

Beyond Established Horizons

Success Comes with a Warm Spirit

Like Father, Like Daughter

Ruby Lane: An Antique Business that isn’t Antique

Sitting Back on Your Heels

Gift Baskets Extraordinaire!

Unusual Business for an Unusual Woman

La Cage Au Folles

Blind Justice

Why David Hated Tuesdays!

How Sweet It Is!

The Fine Line

Lighting Up Your Life

Kwame Jackson






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