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Editors' Comments

We've talked about the importance of media relations, but it is difficult to demonstrate those relationships on a website. Instead, we've asked a few editors and producers to post something for your information.

"Bruce Freeman is an innovative public relations professional who is always
ready to assist the media in achieving their objectives. He is a pleasure to
work with."

- Marlene J. Waldock, Host of New Jersey Business on News 12 New Jersey

"It's always a pleasure to work with public relations experts who are professional and know how to help the editorial process. When you come across a PR professional who quickly grasps the context of a story, communicates it to the client, and responds with just the information you need, you have a feeling of, Ah, someone understands, it's a good day. In my dealings with Proline Communications, I have felt I'm working with pros."

-- Penny Lunt, Executive Editor, Transform Magazine

"There are two types of p.r. people. The ones who call and say, "What's this issue's focus?' and the ones who call and say, 'I've got a resource for you.' I return the latter calls."

-- Dan Bolita, Editor, TODAY Magazine

"Don't you just hate working with fresh-faced PR reps who have no clue what writers do? Bruce Freeman has lived on our side of the fence - he knows what writers actually need."

-- Neil J. Rubenking, Contributing Technical Editor, PC Magazine

"Bruce Freeman is a hardworking, gregarious professional with tons of experience in the technology publishing and public relations field. He's also a heck of a nice guy."

-- Michael Cohn, Senior Editor, Internet World

"The public relations person/ magazine editor relationship has a salesperson/customer dynamic. The best retail salespeople do not try to sell products to customers. Instead they find out what customers need, and help them to buy. Likewise, the best Public Relations Agencies don't just "sell" or send stock releases to publications. Just like skillful salespeople, they find out what we (editors) need and make sure that we get it. Sure Bruce Freeman bought me lunch. Yes, he "reminded" me to use his material. But he also took the time to discuss my editorial needs, arrange interviews, and provide needed and appropriate information. That kind of professionalism saves time and effort."

-- Russell Bienenstock, Editor, FURNITURE WORLD MAGAZINE

Senior editors across a wide range of well-respected publications testify to the benefit of public relations in general and ProLine Communications in particular."Amazingly, many PR professionals aren't intimately familiar with the companies and products they pitch to Integrated Solutions magazine. These same people also do not understand our audience or the magazine industry in general. When they contact our editorial staff, there's a sense that they're just going through the motions and completing a perfunctory task. That's why it's refreshing to speak with PR professionals who actually know their clients and the products and services they offer. They track down and provide pertinent information, arrange interviews, schedule appointments and briefings. These are the people who make life easier for the editorial staff at Integrated Solutions. These people are a resource."

-- Ed Hess, Editor in Chief, Integrated Solutions Magazine

"The work of public relations professionals is part of the fuel that feeds the media industry, providing us with the information and story ideas we need to get our job done. They help us in our research and in setting up appropriate interviews.

Though we may shun the PR pitches at inappropriate times (deadlines), we turn to PR professionals in times of need. As a business writer, I see them as the gateway to the company."

-- Anthony Birritteri, Senior Editor, New Jersey Business Magazine

"I find that marketing and public relations people working out of New Jersey are far more knowledgeable about the state and the media than those from outside the area. Bruce Freeman is one of the best in knowing the state and the media of New Jersey."

-- George M. Taber, President, BUSINESS NEWS New Jersey

Senior editors across a wide range of well-respected publications testify to the benefit of public relations in general and ProLine Communications in particular."Professional public relations experts help the press by leading us to the truth, whether or not the truth is flattering to the client. Good PR folks will suggest a variety of sources from different parts of the opinion spectrum. And when the press is given access to the full story - the good and the bad - we invariably respond with a story that is balanced - one that strives for fairness. "

-- Beth Fitzgerald, Business Reporter, The Star-Ledger

"PR agencies can serve as a valuable intermediary in helping companies get noticed by the media. Accomplished PR practictioners usually have personal relationships with key journalists, are aware of upcoming placement opportunities such as special feature sections, and know the subtleties of the media landscape that can generate news coverage in appropriate news outlets.

PR professionals can help busy corporate executives navigate today's complex media environment and identify hidden publicity opportunities that aren't apparent on conventional radar screens."

-- Neil Hershberg, Vice President-Global Media, Business Wire

"I've been working with Bruce and ProLine for years. He doesn't always have a client that fits with what I'm doing. But I never have to wonder if he does have a client that I need to know about. And he manages to keep me up to date on what his clients are doing in a way that's turned a business relationship into a friendship over the years. If only all PR contacts were like this!"

-- Ted Needleman Contributing Editor/columnist: Investor's Business Daily, Accounting Today, TECHedge, LAPTOP Magazine, PC Upgrade, Poptronics, The NonProfit Times, Consumer Guides

"Bruce Freeman is a pro in the PR business. He has a great manner and is very relationship oriented. Bruce is respected by so many editors and publishers...that's why he's extremely effective in securing editorial support for his clients."

-- Carol Berman, Associate Publisher, Bedford Communications, Inc., LAPTOP-Mobile Solutions for Business & Life

"In the work I've done with Bruce, he has ensured that his clients maintained high-visibility in their industry, and were always accessible when I needed an interview."

- Ralph Gammon, Editor, Document Imaging Report


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