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Frequently Asked Questions public relations firms, ProLine Communications, public relations


Why should I consider changing public relations firms?

You wouldn't be reading this if you were completely satisfied with the level of public relations you are currently receiving. ProLine Communications offers you the opportunity to take a new approach. Relationships with public relations firms are like most experiences, you learn from past mistakes. You also get a different perspective and the enthusiasm generated by fresh personnel.

Why should I choose ProLine Communications rather than a large firm?

You will receive individualized attention and accountability from the president of the firm, and cost effective results.

How do ProLine Communications contracts work?

Initial contracts are for a minimum of six months. The contract includes services listed as "Initial Strategies" under the Strategies and Services button on our home page. Our retainer is paid monthly. Graphic-design, printing, some travel expenses and special projects are additional. If possible, so as to keep costs low, we utilize your existing company graphics and have materials printed directly through your regular channels.

What is the retainer used for? Can't I just pay for individual services?

Retainers are standard practice in the public relations industry. The retainer includes strategic development, writing services, editorial contact and our small overhead, but it is primarily purchasing the knowledge, access, attention and respect that comes with relationships it has taken years for us to build. Additional expenses are usually low as we recommend the kinds of services that are most efficient and effective at a reasonable cost based on your needs.

What will I receive for the money?

You will receive our time, attention, talent, experience, and access to the kind of editorial relationships that produce results.

Do you guarantee editorial placement in a specific media venues?

Editors are independent, smart, savvy professionals who owe their loyalty to their employers, not public relations firms. We use our knowledge and relationships to put you in the right place with the right people and the right materials. We prepare you and the editors and smooth the way, but when it comes right down to it, you must make the right impression and provide information that interests the editor to receive the editorial coverage you seek.

Why does it seem to take so long to get public relations results?

All media venues have editorial plans or schedules, some as much as a year in advance. Some have annual features that are done in the same month every year. Many monthly publications "close the book," meaning they allow no further editorial insertions, at least three months in advance of the publication date. Editorial is often grouped together by industry segment and you have to wait until your segment is scheduled. Good reputations are rarely made overnight. Effective public and media relations are a long-term proposition. For new product introductions, you may see results within three weeks to three months. For more in-depth coverage, expect for first results to occur in the nine to twelve month time frame.

How do I proceed with the process of considering ProLine Communications for my public relations firm?

Contact us today. We will call to introduce ourselves and then make arrangements to visit you to determine if our services and your needs are a good fit. There are several ways to contact us - click here.


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