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    Why You Need Public Relations

    Recognition and Reputation

Most people know that good public relations are needed to sell products or services. Public relations, and the narrower focus of media relations, contribute to the milieu of your overall marketplace. By that, we mean the specific reputation of your products, customer service, personnel and competition. Why does anyone do business with one company or another? For example, one company prefers to do business with a bank that is close-by, another will only deal with one that has a good reputation for loans. A third customer may be motivated by a combination of reputation and services. The point is that most purchase decisions are not made in a vacuum. They are made based on a whole combination of factors, and it doesn't matter whether you are selling high technology, pharmaceuticals, real estate or education, customers must recognize your name and believe that your company and it's products are trustworthy. You also need public relations to get ahead of your competition. If they aren't in touch with the media yet, it's only a matter of time.

There is no substitute for the most powerful marketing tool known to man: word of mouth. However, if you rely exclusively on it to make your business a success, you are taking a big risk. The reason it is so risky is that word of mouth is effective, but inefficient. You need to spend your valuable time running your business, selling your products and services, not talking to the world one-on-one to convince them that you are trustworthy. This is where the media comes in. The media has the power to get the attention, information and reputation of a company across to many potential customers at one time, but the question is: how are you going to get the media's attention? The answer lies in the relationships knowingly, and purposefully, created and maintained by media relations' professionals.

Advertising is a necessary marketing expense, but it can be very expensive. Public Relations is an efficient and cost effective way to speak to your market. Outsourcing the public relations function to a professional firm allows you keep up with the editors or producers who can positively impact your marketplace, without adding to your human resource costs. ProLine Communications professionals make it our business to build and focus on the relationships that produce public relations results.







    Why Choose ProLine Communications

    Relationships and
    Professional Experience

ProLine Communications has spent the last 15 years building and maintaining relationships with local and national media. Our personnel have the experience with marketing, public relations and media relations strategies that work. ProLine Communications knows how to advise you, whether you are introducing your first product or have been in business for years. ProLine Communications recommends the kinds of services that are most efficient and effective at a reasonable cost based on your needs, but you are primarily purchasing the knowledge, access, attention and respect that comes with relationships it has taken years for us to build. Everyone knows that in real estate, the key to success is location, location, and location. In marketing and media relations, it's relationships, relationships, and relationships. ProLine Communications brings the power of those relationships to work for you.










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