The following is a partial list of the clients we have serviced over the last 15 years. You will notice that some of the names are recognizable while others are not. This is because we have clients large and small, all over the continental United States. Remember in PR, "relationships" is the watchword, not location.


Right Direction

Paragon Software Group

Smith Micro Software

Imaging Business Machines LLC


FurnitureFan, Inc.

Landmark Research Corporation

TMS Sequoia

V Communications, Inc.

Wise Solutions

FailSafe Media Company


The Magic Strand

Law Offices of Andrew P. Johnson

Industries Serviced

Public Relations is a process and its basic principles can be applied to virtually all commercial enterprises. For many years ProLine Communications specialized in information technology PR, but high technology PR is a broader area than one might imagine. For instance, one of our clients was a high technology company that developed and maintains a web site in the furniture business. As we researched and familiarized ourselves with their market, we developed relationships within the furniture industry-specific media as well as the national household and retail publications.

Similar scenarios with other clients over the years have given ProLine Communications relationships with editors and producers in many venues. That's allowed ProLine to branch out from being a specialized information technology PR firm to a public relations firm with broad reach. Another factor that positively impacts ProLine's reach into media venues is the effort we put into keeping in touch with the editors as individuals. Good editors move from publication to publication throughout their careers, just as TV and radio producers move from project to project. We keep in touch with them and follow their careers. The editor, who works for Good Housekeeping today, may work for Time Magazine tomorrow.

As an added benefit for our New Jersey based clients, we have developed strong relationships with the local newspapers and business press. Our NJ public relations and NJ media relations relationships are unsurpassed. Often, it is the local news organizations and business press that can raise a company's profile enough to garner national attention. Further, press coverage of any kind can be leveraged into much larger venues.

For your convenience, here is a partial list of the industries in which we have expertise:

  • High Technology and Information Technology
  • Internet
  • Education and Training
  • Banks and Financial
  • Retail
  • Real Estate

Even if you don't see your particular commercial enterprise type, give us a call and let us hear about your specific needs.

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