Positioning Your Business for the Economic Recovery
With a positive attitude and a little creativity, you'll come out ahead
As seen on Entrepreneur.com(May 6, 2002)
By: Bruce Freeman

When times are tough and business is down, it's hard to remember that good times will come again. Closing your office door, putting your feet up and remembering the glory days of the 90's does absolutely no good. Complaining may give you some momentary relief, but it doesn't bring customers through the door. A positive mental attitude is absolutely the most important aspect to recovering from anything. The determination to succeed can work miracles no matter what the climate or situation. Adjust your attitude; with the right one, you can move mountains.

Bolster that positive mental attitude with positive speech. You can't stay focused on motivating yourself or your employees if you sabotage yourself, your company or industry with negative comments. If you need to reduce your anxiety by communicating your misery or speaking your fears, put them on paper. When you've gotten your troubles off your chest, tear that paper up and move on. When you see them on paper, you'll probably realize that your anxiety was out of proportion to your real situation anyway.

"Out of sight, out of mind." Staying connected is critical. As the economy recovers, you want your clients, former clients, strategic partners and business associates to remember you first when services and products are needed. Slow times are great times to do the projects you usually put on the back burner.

Stay involved. When business is off, your mind tends to wander. Judge Judy may make great afternoon court TV decisions but they may not impact favorably on your business.

No one is going to do it for you. Your measure is taken when times are tough. Do your homework, stay connected to your industry's pulse and stay involved in the effort to move forward. Don't give up, and most important, know deep inside, that you are going to come out on top.


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